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About Bikes For Good Causes

We are a social enterprise located at 350 Wood Green High Road that sells good quality, donated bikes and also provides a full bicycle repair and maintenance service.  

In addition to being a bike shop, we are a coffee shop and offer freshly brewed Drury coffee and a selection of different teas and hot chocolate. Subject to availability, we also sell a selection of cakes, biscuits, toasted sandwiches, soups, salads and fruit smoothies. Cold beverages such as Coca Cola, Oasis and Evian mineral water are also available.

We are working in partnership with Action For Kids Charitable Trust which is a charity registered in England and Wales (Reg. no. 1068841) that supports young people with learning disabilities. We provide valuable work experience opportunities for the young people in our coffee shop and the bike shop.


Any profit we make goes back into the business to improve the range of services we offer in our bike and coffee shop and also help support Action For Kids in the excellent work they do in assisting young people to “lead the life they choose”.


We are committed to supporting the local community in a variety of different ways:

  • Providing a bike repair and maintenance service at very affordable prices
  • The opportunity to buy a good quality second- hand bike.
  • Somewhere to donate your unwanted bike
  • The ‘must visit’ coffee shop and meet up with friends and family
  • Attend one of our weekly social events, Knitter Natter, Book Bees
  • A meeting place for your local interest group
  • A cosy environment to relax, have a cup of tea and read a magazine
  • Birthday parties
  • Meetings
  • Book club evenings
  • Music evenings
  • Graffiti workshops
  • Pumpkin carving for Halloween
  • Metropolitan Police bike security marking days


We accept all donated bikes and it doesn’t matter what condition they are in so if you have a bike that has been lying unused in your garage gathering dust (or garden gathering weeds!) please bring it in.

Our aim is to restore all donated bikes we receive to their former glory but sometimes this is not possible so if we can’t restore a bike to one that is a safe and road worthy to sell, we will strip it down and keep any parts that are safe to re-use, either for a repair or offered for sale.

Donated bikes that can be restored are thoroughly checked and any worn out or unsafe parts are replaced. The bike is then given a full service and a final road test for safety, prior to being put up for sale.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please get in contact to find out more and if you were to volunteer, you would need to complete a satisfactory DBS check.

From time to time, opportunities arise for work experience placements so again, if this is of interest, please get in contact with us to find out more.


Action For Kids

afkAction For Kids Charitable Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (Reg. no. 1068841). It is a successful national charity that works with young people with disabilities and the charity was set up over 20 years ago to help young people with physical and learning disabilities across the country find greater independence and opportunities.

Their vision is of “a world where all people living with a disability get to lead the life they choose”.

To achieve this, they:

  • Provide mobility equipment, such as trikes and electric wheel chairs to young people, across the UK whose needs are not being met by equipment available through the NHS
  • Work with schools and colleges to provide students who have disabilities with personalised work skills training and experience in order to prepare them for life and work
  • Help young people to plan for their long term future, together with their parents and schools and colleges
  • Work with young adults with disabilities to develop their life experience and work skills and provide them with opportunities and support for them, where possible, to work or volunteer

Their work skills and employment support programmes are delivered to students from across North London from their base in Hornsey.

Action For Kids is working with Bikes for Good Causes to expand the opportunities for their students to gain work experience, training and employment in the community. The programme is a positive step forward creating community- based work placements, training and part- time jobs.

For further information about Action For Kids, please visit www.actionforkids.org

Action For Kids

Ability House

15a Tottenham Lane


N8 9DJ

Telephone: 0208 347 8111





Our bike repair and servicing is certainly one of the fastest and is the best value in North London.

We offer a FREE CHECK on every bike if required, and our FULL SERVICE costs £25

The quality of the work that we do and the prices that we charge sets us apart from any other independent bike shop.

So what does our Full Service include?

  • Checking and adjusting gears and brakes
  • Truing both wheels
  • Quick frame and wheel cleaning, just to take some of the dust off
  • Fitting every extra part you want us to fit. We don’t charge extra labour to fit parts like bottom bracket, headset, spokes, bar tape, chain set as long as these parts are purchased alongside the full service.
  • Full check and adjustment if necessary, of every nut and bolt
  • Tyre check
  • ROAD TEST, something that you won’t easily find around as part of any service!


On top of the full service, you can also choose our BIKE WASH service for £10. We have full jet wash facilities to deep clean every single part of your bike.

If you want more, we can offer a PREMIUM SERVICE for £80. It’s everything we do on the full service plus the bike wash and a complete dismantling and rebuilding of your bike, cleaning re-greasing/oiling even the smallest part. Headset’s ball bearing will be changed for no extra costs if needed, bottom bracket will be inspected and greased and wheel hubs will be dismantled and re-greased.

If the bike that needs repairing is particularly old or has lacked attention in the past and the part that needs to be repaired, is seized or stuck/un-removable in some way, there will be a labour charge of £15 per hour. However, this will always be agreed with the customer at the time of the booking or via phone call.

We of course offer specific services for any part of the bike too.

  • Puncture Repair or tyre changing: your wheel will be serviced on the spot and checked for wear, plus rim tape will be fitted if necessary and the wheel will also be inspected. £10
  • Brake Service: the whole braking system will be checked, cleaned and re-greased (if necessary) plus brake pads aligned callipers tuned (plus any new part if required). £15
  • Wheel Truing: the wheel will be checked spoke by spoke and aligned at its best. £15
  • Gear Service: The whole shifting system and drivetrain will be checked and re-greased/oiled, all the gears properly tuned and all the new parts fitted. £15
  • Headset Service: the headset will be completely stripped, checked, cleaned and re-greased, plus new ball bearings fitted if necessary. £15
  • Hub Service: the wheel hub will be opened, checked, re-greased, and any parts will be changed if necessary. £15
  • Bottom Bracket Service: the bottom bracket will be taken off the frame, inspected for wear, re-greased or changed if necessary. £15





We also sell a wide range of bike accessories including safety helmets, lights, security locks, stabilisers, bike covers, foot pumps, bells, baskets and panniers as well as chains, tyres, gloves, waterproof jackets, handlebar grips and mud guards.



Do you have an old and rusty bike you’d like to bring back to life or have a bike and want to add some fancy features or upgrade its wheels?

Do you have two frames and want to swap parts from one to another?

Maybe you have bought a bike online which came in a box and you don’t know how to put it together safely?

We can fix all of the above. Our bike build labour charge goes from £20 up to £50, depending on the type of bike and what needs to be done so come and see us or send us an email for a quote, providing full details of the work required.




Bikes For Sale


A second hand bike is certainly the cheapest way to get you everywhere around the city and beyond.

We offer a wide selection of bikes, with prices starting from £20 for children’s bikes and £40 for adult bikes, making it cheaper than the cost of a weekly travel card.

The donations we receive are from the police and members of the local community so we can vouch for the provenance of any bike you purchase from us.

Our prices are lower than current second hand market prices and on top of that, every bike we sell has been serviced, road tested and thoroughly checked so that it is totally safe to be ridden right after purchase, and will be sold under "sold as seen" policy. 

But, unlike any pre-owned bike you can buy anywhere else, you have the warranty that your bike isn’t unsafe in any way or worse, stolen.

These are some of the bikes you can find here:

  • Hybrid
  • Road
  • Racing
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Downhill
  • Vintage city bikes
  • BMXs
  • Single Speed/Fixies
  • Dutch bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Kids bikes from 12” to 24”

Visit out showroom to check out what we currently have for sale.

We encourage you to try out a bike before you buy it and you can try as many as you like without any obligation so please make sure you wear or bring suitable foot wear.

Here you can see just some of the bikes we currently have on sale, just drop in to see the whole range we can offer!

  • Carrera Subway
    Carrera Subway
    Aluminium frame 19", full shimano drivetrain 21speed, mudguards, 26" road wheels £160
  • Pinnacle rigid MTB - LIMITED EDITION FRAME!
    Pinnacle rigid MTB - LIMITED EDITION FRAME!
    Pinnacle Camino limited edition frame (only 100 ever made and the frame is marked too prove), aluminium frame 15", brand new shimano drivetrain 21speed. £180
  • Oceana 24
    Oceana 24
    Full Suspended bike, 24" wheels, full shimano drivetrain 18speed, very good conditions. £85
  • Adults tricycle
    Adults tricycle
    Excellent conditions, this tricycle has 6speed shimano drivetrain, plus it's fully featured with basket, lights, mudguards. The child seat can be taken off if you don't need it. £300
  • Mongoose rockadile MTB
    Mongoose rockadile MTB
    Ladies mountain bike with aluminium frame 16"and shimano drivetrain 21speed £150
  • Black Single speed/fixie bike
    Black Single speed/fixie bike
    Steel frame 22", flip-flop hub, equipped with punctureproof schwalbe marathon tyres £120
  • Cube Aim MTB
    Cube Aim MTB
    Semi-pro mountain bike, with aluminium frame 18", Easton components, full shimano 24sp drivetrain, shimano brakes. £200
  • Kona sport hybrid
    Kona sport hybrid
    This bike has been assembled with top components: lightweight steel frame Kona Smoke 18", ridgeback carbon forks, shimano biopace crankset + 105 mech, 14speed. £175
  • Schwinn Protocol MTB
    Schwinn Protocol MTB
    18" aluminium frame, ROCK SHOX front suspension, disc brakes, double wall rims, 24sp drivetrain (shimano) £225
  • Ridgeback MX20
    Ridgeback MX20
    20" mountain bike, it has a lightweight aluminium frame, front suspension and 6 gears £120
  • Apollo Pure 20
    Apollo Pure 20
    20" full suspended mountain bike with a 6 speed drivetrain £60
  • Smarta Bike - Electric Gents Bike
    Smarta Bike - Electric Gents Bike
    This electric bike is a tourer aluminium frames, very good conditions, fully featured (rack, mudguards, comfy seat, stand). This particular model was on the market at £1200. Our price will be £400. The batteries last for at least 1:45 hrs of assisted pedaling , and they come with the charger.
  • Specialized Hardrock Pro
    Specialized Hardrock Pro
    Mint conditions mountain bike, lightweight 17" aluminium frame, disc brakes, 24speed full shimano drivetrain £250
  • Trek ladies MTB
    Trek ladies MTB
    Lightweight aluminium frame 18", front suspension, full shimano drivetrain 21speed, mudguards £150
  • BMX x-rated Muse
    BMX x-rated Muse
    Stylish bmx with 20" MAG wheels £50
  • Scott Genius - Enduro MTB
    Scott Genius - Enduro MTB
    Professional Mountain Bike in mint conditions. Frame: Aluminium 18", Front forks: Manitu Black 120mm + lockout, Rear shock: Scott traction control + 3 position remote conrol (lock, traction control,all travel), Drivetrain: Full Shimano LX 27sp Brakes: Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes £800
  • Sweetie 12
    Sweetie 12
    12" little girls bike, very good conditions. £30
  • VooDoo Bantu MTB
    VooDoo Bantu MTB
    Another professional mountain bike, perfect for trails or light slopestyle, with its lockable front fork. Aluminium frame 20", 24sp full shimano drivetrain, shimano hydraulic disc brakes, it comes with a Kriptonyte D-Lock! £350


Coffee Shop



Come and relax in our quirky little coffee shop!

We serve freshly brewed Drury coffee and offer a selection of different teas as well as hot chocolate. We also have a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits, fruits, energy bars, fizzy drinks, mineral water and so on!

Working in partnership with Action For Kids, you will be served by one of our young people who are working in the coffee shop, gaining valuable work experience skills.

Relax over a cup of coffee, browse through some magazines and take a look at our artwork and graffiti, all of which is available to buy.

The coffee shop is an ideal meeting place for a catch up with friends over a coffee and as a customer, you can use our Wifi, free of charge! 


News & Events

Always “on the up” with Action For Kids!

Through our partnership with Action For Kids, we are delighted to have been awarded their ‘Inclusive
Gold Partner’ award because of the support we have provided to young people by providing them with
invaluable work experience opportunities in our coffee shop. The award is part of Action For Kids ‘On
the Up’ initiative which aims to reach out to as many organisations, business and individuals who will
support their work to help as many trainees, students and other disabled young people to lead the lives
they choose.

To find out more about this initiative and Action For Kids and the fantastic work they do, please visit
their website at www.actionforkids.org 

Finsbury Park Festival of Cycling



Haringey Council will be holding its Festival of Cycling in Finsbury Park on June 18th, from 12 – 6pm. For the 3rd year, we will be there with a selection of our bikes and accessories, plus, with metPolice, you can get your bike security marked for free! Lots of activities during the day for kids and grown ups!





Contact Us

You can contact us by phone on 0208 888 1005

You can contact us via our website by emailing us on enquiries@bikesforgoodcauses.co.uk

You can visit us at

350 High Road

Wood Green

N22 8JW

We are open 6 days a week: Monday – Saturday 9am – 6pm


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